Daily Topic for February 22, 2010

Matthew 18:5
And whoever welcomes in my name one such child as this, welcomes me.

Children have open hearts and a nature that easily trusts, and this make them vulnerable. The adults around them can use this trust to help the children grow, or they can abuse the trust and cause lifelong damage. No person except Jesus is perfect, and for that reason, there will always be some violation of this trust.

Pray for Mahwa children to find the One who alone is trustworthy, and welcome Him into their daily lives. Pray that Mahwa parents will be a help rather than a spiritual hindrance to their trusting children.

Mawa People of Chad

by PD

“Nadari! You spilled water from your pail again! How many times must I tell you to be careful and hold the pail with both hands! With sad eyes the five-year-old girl said, “Mama the pail is so heavy, my arms hurt. It is hard not to spill the water.” Her mother replied, “Eat your cereal and be more careful. We all must work, and you have it easier than I did when I was a girl now that we have a well in the village. Hurry! You can go to school for only a few hours, then you must help me in the field.”

There are an estimated 9,400 Mawa people who live in small villages located in central Chad. Life is difficult, but certain changes have started to bring new hope, especially for the children. Fresh water was almost impossible until outside help allowed a number of the villages to have their own water source. The development of school buildings gave them something to be proud of. This highlighted the importance of education for the children as well as literacy awareness for the adult population. The majority of Mawas are Muslim, and almost none of them have heard the gospel.

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Pray that believers will be available to help the Mawas with development projects, education, and in so doing lead them to knowing God’s Word that will give them the “Living Water” of eternal blessings of the Lord.

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