Daily Topic for February 09, 2010

Matthew 18:3
I assure you that unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven.

Children, like the Gangam kids we read about today, are naturally teachable and eager to please. These are characteristics that make one able and willing to grow in Christ. Could you imagine what good disciples God would have if only the children had a chance to learn of His ways? Such work could transform any culture as the children grow into adults.

Pray for God to raise up more disciplers to reach out to the children of West Africa.

Gangam People of Togo

by GC

Manu felt both nervous and excited. This was his first time to take the morning drink to his father. His name means “second born son.” His brother Danso (“reliable”) had always done this before. But last night men took Danso and all the older boys in the village. They will go to a secret place in the forest for a three-month initiation into adulthood. All the boys-turned-men will identify with each other as they form a special bond during their initiation. When Danso returns, he will no longer perform the boy’s job of taking food to his father. Manu will get his turn in two more years. He feels both nervous and excited about that event as well. Their father lives in a large rectangular hut in the middle of their family compound. The rest of the family lives in a few huts surrounding the father’s home.

Manu and Danso are part of the Gangam people group of Togo. They follow traditional ethnic beliefs and practices. Part of their belief pictures a supreme god and creator who judges and punishes or rewards human behavior. They also worship ancestors and seek to placate evil spirits.

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Pray that believers in West Africa will serve as God’s instruments to reveal the true Supreme God to the Gangam people.

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