Daily Topic for February 07, 2010

Luke 17:2
It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. So watch yourselves.

Though this verse applies to all of God’s “children” it also applies to anyone who would stand in the way of a child’s spiritual growth. Can you imagine the spiritual harm that is done to children who witness the gruesome scene described about the Gola people?

Pray that as children view animistic practices in West Africa that they will have an aversion to it. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give Gola children a hunger for love, purity and righteousness that only Jesus provides.

Gola People

by MB

Kisi stood before his people, blood running down the skull still in his hand, looking like the elder of his people that he was. On behalf of his entire community, he had prayed and sacrificed a chicken to Da, the rain god. By holding the skull of an ancestor, Kisi was figuratively carrying the requests of his people with him as he prayed. In addition to animist views and ancestor worship, the Gola people are also 75 percent Muslim. This is the spiritual environment in which Gola children are raised.

In addition to the needs of the many Golas living in darkness, there is also a great need for discipleship among the two percent of Gola people who are Christians. All Christians struggle with the daily battle against the world, the flesh and the devil, but for the Golas, that struggle is intensified. Only small portions of Scripture have been translated into their language, and few Christian resources are available.

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Pray for the efforts of mission agencies just now beginning to target this group of people. Missionary efforts are critical during this time of their history, as many Golas are leaving their farms and the life that they know in order to look for work in the city. With an understanding of the gospel, these people might not only come to know God themselves, but be able to tell that good news to others from various ethnic groups.

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