Daily Topic for February 01, 2010

Proverbs 13:22
A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

Mary Slessor’s upbringing was not that different from what many African girls face in today’s world. Her mother was a devoted believer, and the “inheritance” from her father was financial ruin. What would Mary tell African girls in today’s world about the “inheritance” they are receiving?

Pray for God to raise up many missionaries from dysfunctional families who can help African children face similar circumstances in a Christ-like manner.

Mary Slessor - Missionary Biography, 1 of 3

by Keith Carey

Do you remember when we read about Columba, the 4th century missionary who took the gospel to Scotland? God used a stubborn, tough character to win the Picts and the Scots to Christ.
Hundreds of years later, in 1848 to be exact, a Scottish girl was born who had that same tenacity as Columba. Her name was Mary Slessor.
Mary’s girlhood was not a happy one. Though her mother was a Christian, her father abandoned his responsibilities as a breadwinner after losing his job. He never recovered emotionally. Whatever money he made went to alcohol, and at age 11 Mary had to support the family by working in a cotton mill for 12 hours a day. Mary would try to stand up to her father, but her mother quickly forced her out the door so she wouldn’t take a beating.
During this difficult time, a Christian woman told Mary about the existence of hell, and the destiny of those who don’t follow the ways of Christ. Mary became a believer, and her mother discipled her in the Word. It didn’t take long for Mary to start teaching other children about the Lord. One day, a group of youngsters challenged Mary. They would go to her church service if she could keep from flinching as they swung a lead weight near her face. They lost the wager, and to church they went!

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Pray that God will even use toughness in His children to bring others to Christ.

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