Daily Topic for January 23, 2010

Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law.

Where there is no revelation of God’s law, people cast off the restraints that govern social behavior. Where God’s Word and Christ’s Church are not resident, the uninhibited forces of sin and selfishness ravage peoples and societies, like they are among the Somalis. But where messengers of good news have come to proclaim and demonstrate the way of love, and where men and women have congregated in believing fellowships, salt and light combat the decay and darkness.

Pray for His holiness to prevail among the spiritually-needy Somalis in Tanzania. Pray for the unreached Somalis to be drawn to His revelation, so that sin will be cast off, and they may be set free to obey Him.

Somalis in Tanzania

by NW

It was a quiet evening. The Somali families’ herds were now settled near a new grazing land in northern Tanzania. The youngest daughter noticed a tall man approaching their home. She watched her father cautiously walk toward the man.

The little girl’s father returned and told his three wives along with their children to go and sit under the nearby tree. He had agreed to watch the story of a man named Jesus. The little girl sat down and watched the story with wide eyes. Jesus was speaking in the Somali language!

Near the end of the story Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross. He was lifted up, bleeding, left to die. The little girl began to sob. At this point her father abruptly got up, brushed off his clothes and commanded his family to return to their home. As they walked away, the little girl turned back and saw her father waving his finger at the tall man. She heard him yelling, “Do not bring this story of Jesus to my family again! We believe only in Islam. This is trickery!”

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Pray for the Holy Spirit to begin to touch the heart of the Somali people in northern Tanzania as they watch the JESUS Film. Pray that their elders will understand that following Him will mean taking the opportunity to trade in their tragic lives for ones that are lived to “the full.”

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