Daily Topic for January 22, 2010

Ecc. 7:20
There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins.

This is politically incorrect, but so very true! Despite what “religions” teach, all of humanity is sinful by nature. It’s as natural for us to sin as it is for us to breath. We cannot ever completely stop sinning, but we can be forgiven. The missionaries that will be sent out by Serving In Mission will be proclaiming the bad news that we need a savior because of our sins, and the good news that there is a savior who paid for our sins and nailed them on a cross. What good news that is!

Pray for God to anoint SIM missionaries to preach this crucial message to every people group to whom He sends them.

Serving In Mission (SIM) Work

by CL

Serving in Mission (SIM) has a simple motto: “By prayer.” It is by prayer that the organization began in l893.

That was the year Walter Gowans, Rowland Bingham and Thomas Kent arrived in Logos, Nigeria. Their intention was to “evangelize the ‘Soudan’ region of Africa.” Despite much prayer, Gowans and Kent quickly died of malaria. Bingham went home, regrouped, and returned, only to contract malaria. He did, however, manage to send a third team that planted a base in l902.

What took nine long years, untold hours of prayer, and the lives of several missionaries to establish has since mushroomed under the power of God’s Spirit. Today, SIM has l800 missionaries from 37 nations serving in 43 nations on five continents.

In Tanzania, SIM is targeting nine of the unreached groups living in the south. After centuries of Christian work in Africa, there remain people who have not heard or responded to the gospel. Many people groups continue to be steeped in spiritism, animism or Islam. Some practice a combination of all three. But by prayer, this will soon change!

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for SIM’s work in southern Tanzania. Ask God to give them new methods for rescuing those who are still imprisoned in the dominion of darkness. Pray for Holy Spirit filled indigenous leaders to be raised up to help plant churches. Pray for the Christians of Tanzania to be given a heart and passion for reaching their unreached countrymen with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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