Daily Topic for December 29, 2009

Psalms 98:2, 4
"The Lord has made His salvation known and revealed His righteousness to the nations.... Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth."

The psalmist was deeply aware that God’s redemptive acts on Israel’s behalf were also played out on a stage before the nations. Israel, called to be a kingdom of priests, had the privilege and responsibility of interpreting these acts to the surrounding peoples. We who have come to know Jesus have the same privilege and responsibility. What a delight to declare His acts to nations like the Malays, so that they can share in His joy and salvation.

Pray that somehow the Malays in Saudi Arabia will experience Jesus as they struggle through their daily lives. Pray that in the midst of injustice and poverty they will shout for joy in gratitude to Him!

Malays in Saudi Arabia

Ng and Hoo felt caught in the middle as they slept under a highway bridge in Saudi Arabia. Both men wished they were back home in Malaysia. The trouble started when a Saudi company canceled the contract it had with Ng and Hoo’s mobile cell phone manufacturing company. That development forced the Malaysian company to halt production. Now out of work, Ng and Hoo had spent their savings on living expenses hoping that the dispute would be quickly settled and they would be able to get back to work. It wasn’t, and the men now lacked the money to fly back to Malaysia.

Foreign companies operating in Saudi Arabia operate at a legal disadvantage. Should there be a dispute between a foreign and a Saudi company, local laws heavily favor the latter. Foreign companies can operate legally only while under contract to a Saudi company. In recent years a few Malaysian companies have learned this lesson the hard way. Their contracts were canceled, forcing them to strand their workers in a foreign land. Most of these workers are Muslims, but Islam in Malaysia is very different from Islam in Saudi Arabia. Malay Muslims often mix Buddhist and Hindu practices in with their worship of Allah.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Ask God to lead loving believers to reach out to stranded Malaysian workers in Saudi Arabia. Pray that the hold that Islam has on Malays, be they in Malaysia or Saudi Arabia, will be broken.-WK

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