Daily Topic for December 26, 2009

Is. 11:2
"And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him."

Although God the Father’s heart for the nations occupies a central position in the Christmas story, the Holy Spirit is at work as well. Just as the Spirit worked to bring the Word into the world, so that same Spirit later worked to reveal the Word to the representative nations gathered in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. Through the Back to Jerusalem Movement, the Chinese Church hopes to establish His presence everywhere between China and Jerusalem, including Saudi Arabia!

Pray that the Holy Spirit will enable Chinese believers to establish His Church in Saudi Arabia. Pray that He will move among the Han Chinese migrants in this staunchly Islamic nation state.

Han Chinese in Saudi Arabia

Mr. Chen hurries along the narrow street at the break of dawn pondering what to offer as the daily special at his laundry shop. Maybe four shirts for the price of three would be good. His horoscope has promised a profitable day, and he is eager to get started. Deep in thought, he doesn’t notice the faint smell of smoke until he rounds the corner, and there it is: his laundry building is now a pile of smoldering rubble! Someone had smashed the front window and all that remains of the counter are a few charred pieces of wood. Everything is gone. It’s not the first time his building has been the object of vandalism, but it’s the worst.

As a Han Chinese immigrant, Chen is not welcome in Saudi Arabia. The local residents are jealous of his success. They don’t understand his language, and he speaks only broken Arabic. Yet he has always made a good living with his laundry service; a better living than many Saudis.

The Han Chinese in Saudi Arabia generally claim to have maintained their traditional Chinese religion which is a blend of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, mixed with a belief in spirits who inhabit the earth, astrology, and ancestor worship. In practice, however, many of them are non-religious.

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Pray that the Lord will draw the hearts of the Chinese in Saudi Arabia to the only spirit being worthy of their devotion. Pray that they may form friendships with Christian businessmen who will boldly share the gospel.-JWS

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