Daily Topic for December 25, 2009

Luke 2:17
"When they (the shepherds) had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child."

On this Christmas day let’s remember that the real impact of this holiday should be a new commitment to Christ’s mission. In the incarnation God crossed the barrier between Himself and man to show His love, truth and grace. He now calls us to cross today’s barriers of culture, language, caste, religion, and prejudices to share Christ with a hungry and dying world.

Pray that the Father will deliver us from the temptation to celebrate Christmas with a selfish heart. As He gave Himself to us, pray that we will now give ourselves to the unreached peoples.

Muslim Bengalis in Saudi Arabia

The Bangladeshis are a proud people, highly ambitious and always striving for excellence. Nevertheless, crimes by a few Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia may damage their chances of going there as foreign workers. A spokesman for Expatriates’ Welfare and Oversees Employment is saying that unfortunately, “some Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia are engaged in claiming shops illegally, selling banned CDs, stealing manhole covers and electricity, and printing fake currency.” Such activities, he said, “puts the image of Bangladeshi workers in a bad light.”

Saudi Arabia, with its 2,000,000 Muslim Bangladeshis, has half the Bengali population of the Middle East. Many of these are guest workers or day laborers. They hope to make as much money as they can to send to their less fortunate family members in Bangladesh.

Within a Bangladeshi family, there are strict rules in regard to which gender does what kind of work. The men’s activities take place outside the home. The women, on the other hand, are kept busy within the confines of the home, much like Saudi Arab women. Most marriages are arranged. When mates are being chosen, social rank is a very important consideration. The man has sole rights to all ancestral property, and he may pass it on as he chooses.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will remove all barriers to reaching this people group so they will come to know the truth, and be set free, even in Saudi Arabia.-MH

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