Daily Topic for December 19, 2009

John 1:5
"The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it."

All throughout the world, even in “Christian” cultures, people accept as facts demonic delusions that keep them from accepting truth. The Bisha’a is a good possible example of a demonic delusion. Because of this superstition, many from the Zahran tribe have been burned for no good reason. Likewise, they are also convinced that the only way to salvation is by obeying the laws of the Koran.

Pray for dark spiritual forces to be bound and cast out, and that the Zahran people will soon come to the light.

Zahran Tribe in Saudi Arabia

“Since there is no witness, are you willing to undergo Bisha’a (ordeal by fire)?” Tribal people in the Middle East traditionally hold to a strong code of honor. Some have their own “Lie Detector” called Bisha’a. This is becoming rare as tribes move to large cities for educational and employment opportunities. Performed for grave offences, the accused is asked to lick a hot metal ladle three times. After the ceremony, he rinses with water. Then the judge and witnesses check to see how severely his tongue is burned. They believe that a guilty person’s tongue is dry from stress, thus burns easier. The defendant must consent to this ritual. If he declines, the people assume he is guilty.

The large Zahran tribe lives in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Their ancestors have lived a nomadic lifestyle in Saudi Arabia for centuries. They have earned a reputation for being courageous and generous. The Zahrans have always enjoyed folk music, poetry and dance. Now their lifestyle is changing rapidly. Zahrans are moving to large cities and other countries where everything they have learned is sometimes questioned. This may be the time when they are more likely to hear the gospel and respond to the Prince of Peace.

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Ask Christ to reveal Himself to the Zahran people. Pray that the Zahran people will stand forgiven before God’s judgment by fire. Pray that they will receive the mercy and grace of our loving Savior.-AK

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