Daily Topic for December 17, 2009

Luke 2:30-32
"For my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light of revelation to the gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel (NASB)."

The angels, Mary, and Zechariah had heralded the coming King. Now Simeon also praised God that the birth of baby Jesus revealed a salvation prepared in the sight of all peoples. Luke uses the word ‘peoples’ in the plural to denote the scope of this baby’s ministry. Jesus would not only touch the lives of many individual people, but would also bring light to all peoples and nations, including the Qahtanis.

Pray that the salvation of our Glorious Lord will soon be known by the Qahtani people and all others in Saudi Arabia.

Qahtani People of Saudi Arabia

“In Lebanon they have Miss Lebanon,” so the joke goes. “Here we have Miss Camel.” This is southern Saudi Arabia. This beauty contest does not judge women for their body or talents. This competition examines camels for their physical characteristics.

To the Qahtani tribe, the camel symbolizes their heritage. This amazing beast means life-literally and symbolically. They serve as food, friend, transportation and-at times-as a war machine. Such contests serve to keep the bloodlines pure.

But while many Qahtani people value the heritage represented by the camel, others have turned to violence. A Washington Post article dated May 14, 2005 documented that some of the suicide bombers in Iraq and elsewhere have come from the Qahtani tribe. Hadi was one such young man. He was only interested in having fun. But the attacks of September 11, 2001, galvanized his spirit. He felt inspired to join the attack against the “infidel” Americans.

The Qahtani proudly trace their lineage back to Sam (Shem) the son of Nooh (Noah). They claim to be the originators of the Arabic language, which has carried the Muslim faith around the world. Yet, some of them have turned to violence in their religious devotion.

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Pray that radio broadcasts will reach hungry searching hearts. Pray that religious devotion will turn to a search for the truth and that The Truth will reveal himself.-GC

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