Daily Topic for December 16, 2009

Luke 2:10
"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people."

It has always been tempting for prestigious peoples like the Murrah tribe to think that all spiritual blessings are for them alone. After all, Allah has blessed them, so what more do they need? Weaker tribes can settle for less. Little do they know that the “good news of great joy” has not yet reached them! Not only that, but this gospel has not yet reached any people who live in the Murrah’s nation, Saudi Arabia!

Pray that the Murrah tribe will soon embrace the savior whose birth we celebrate each Christmas.

Al Murrah of Saudi Arabia

“Your camels have the best milk of all.” This is one of the best compliments a visitor can give to an Al Murrah tribesman. It is also generally true. The Al Murrah tribe roams freely over the vast, sandy Empty Quarter region of the Arabian Peninsula, from Yemen in the southwest to Kuwait in the northeast. They pride themselves in their camels and their ability to track people or animals across vast and impossible terrain.

But time changes, and the Al Murrah have adapted well. For centuries they have bred the world famous Arabian horses. More recently they began breeding the beautiful, greyhound-like saluki dogs. And some few have begun settling near permanent oases in Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter.

The recent oil cooperatives in Saudi Arabia introduced the Al Murrah to people from the “Christian” West. Now oil companies employ their ability to track across the trackless sands. A familiar sight shows an Al Murrah man steering a huge truck either on the highway or across the sands by a route only his people can see.

In this kingdom where only Islam is allowed, we have few means of reaching the Al Murrah with the gospel.

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Pray that some of the oil field workers will show the spirit of Christ in their lifestyles. Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself even in dreams and visions to Al Murrah leaders. Pray that the Al Murrah people will find The Way.-GC

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