Daily Topic for December 15, 2009

Luke 2:1
"In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world."

Little did Caesar know that in terms of redemptive history it was now the fullness of time. (Gal. 4:4) Within the next few short decades the Roman world would be turned upside down by the impact of one little baby born at the time of this royal decree. The impact of His birth would be felt in the halls of Caesar’s palace and eventually among every people within the Roman world. Those with power like the Romans of old or the Mutayri tribe today often have too much pride to bend their knees to the Savior. Pride is a huge obstacle, but God can move anywhere, despite human weaknesses.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will break through the pride of the Mutayri tribe so that they can recognize their need for the Savior.

Dawasiri Tribe of Saudi Arabia

Like the Mutayri tribe we prayed for yesterday, the Dawasiri tribe was once nomadic. Their history can be traced back to nearby Yemen thousands of years ago. Some scholars see a connection to Iranian history. Like the Mutayris, the Dawasirs trace their history to the area of Najd. They were instrumental in founding a number of towns and cities in the Arabian Peninsula.

They are known in the Arab world as landowners and oil contractors. Their tribal solidarity is legendary, and they are very influential in Saudi Arabia thanks to the Al Sudayri family. They are also known in the Arab world and the West for their poetry.

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Pray that God would powerfully reveal Christ to members of this ethnic group. Pray that God will soon bring them into contact with faithful witnesses in the oil industry. Pray that their tribal solidarity will not hamper, but instead enhance the spread of the gospel to them and through them to other Peninsular tribes. Pray that soon this tribe will write poems that honor and extend the fame of the Name above all names.-TP

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