Daily Topic for December 14, 2009

Luke 1:69-73
"He has raised up a horn of salvation for us...to remember His holy covenant, the oath He swore to our father Abraham."

Zechariah’s prophecy mentioned the old covenant, yet pointed to the new one. Though the new covenant was embraced by many new nations, it was rejected by many. It is hard for tribes like the Mutayrs of Saudi Arabia to turn their backs on religious laws and admit that they must submit to One who alone offers the narrow way.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will show Mutayr leaders that they can’t afford to stumble over the Rock as the Jewish leaders did 2,000 years ago.

Mutayr Tribe in Saudi Arabia

When we think of Bedouins, we think of desert tribal nomads. Urban dwellers are not Bedouins, even if they are of Bedouin stock. The Mutayr tribe illustrates this. Starting in 1912, they were among the first Bedouins to be settled in towns by Abdul Azis ibn Saud. In the towns they were indoctrinated into the Ikwan or “Brotherhood” that protected the Saudi family until they rebelled in 1924.

Today the Mutayr people live primarily in the cities of Riyadh, the Saudi capital, and Bulaidh. Many also live in cities in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, often working in the petroleum industry.

Urban living challenges their religious zeal and fundamentalist mentality. Despite the best efforts to control information on the part of the Saudi government, urban areas provide many more opportunities to hear ideas that challenge traditional beliefs.

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Pray that urban living will open them to the gospel, and that they will come in contact with ex-pat believers in the oil industry. Pray that they will watch SAT-7 television, and that God will reveal Himself to them so that they submit to the lordship of Christ. Pray that the Matayr people will access web sites that provide them with a chance to hear that Christ saves repentant sinners.-TP

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