Daily Topic for December 09, 2009

Matt. 2:13
"...an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. 'Get up,' he said, 'take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt.'"

Egypt is a prominent nation in the Bible. Though they fell under God’s judgment in Exodus, they are often mentioned in other parts of Scripture in positive terms. Here is an instance where the Savior was brought to Egypt to escape the murderous Herod. Could it be that workers could use parts of the Bible like this as they reach out to Egyptians? Egyptians, both in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, might find it astounding that Jesus fled to their land. God’s blessings for the Egyptians remains today!

Pray for the Egyptians in Saudi Arabia to claim their blessings by embracing the Savior of the World.

Egyptian Arabs in Saudi Arabia

The tables are turned: the once culturally rich Egypt, a source of development and an exporter of knowledge, has become a nation of servants, especially in Saudi Arabia. Egyptians believe that it was only oil wealth that turned Saudi Arabia, the nation they consider primitive, fanatic and condescending, into the financial master of the Middle East.

Once Asians, particularly Filipinas, took most of the Saudi Arabian servant positions as maids and gardeners, but now Egypt’s minister of labor, herself a woman, has signed an agreement with the Saudi government for the employment of 12,000 women per year for a period of 12 years to serve as maids for Saudi families.

Egypt has a staggering unemployment rate, officially of “only” 10.9 percent, but unofficially closer to 22 percent. Jealousy and resentment within the Egyptian ranks has led to a variety of vicious accusations against the Saudis, but the bottom line is that every Egyptian employed in Saudi Arabia is one less unemployed at home. Though 10 percent of the Arabs in Egypt are Christians, almost none of them go to Saudi Arabia. Egyptian Muslims have a much better chance of responding to Christ in Egypt than in Saudi Arabia. Much prayer is needed for the Egyptian Arabs employed there.

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Pray that Arabic language Christian and evangelistic tools will be used wisely with these Egyptian women.-JS

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