Daily Topic for November 30, 2009

Psalms 150: 6
"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord."

Thus, concludes the Psalms, the Bible’s worship guide. Notice how it ends, not with a call for an individual to praise Him. Nor does it end with the call for a congregation to worship His mighty Name. No, it ends with a call for everything that has breath to praise Him. In ending this powerful part of the Bible, you are left with the knowledge that we are part of something far bigger than we can possibly fathom: a call for everyone, including some from the Muslim nations of Central Asia, to praise the Lord.

Pray that the Lord will speed the day when everyone who has breath will indeed worship Him.

Lak People in Azerbaijan

“Bah” said the sheep and “nah” said the goat as the Lak shepherd led his mixed flock through a field in Azerbaijan. He laughed as he wondered if the sheep and goats could understand each other’s “languages.” The Lak shepherd spoke several languages, like most members of his people group. That is because the Laks had been relocated several times from their homeland in Azerbaijan back in the days when the Soviet Union ruled that country. Most Laks were resettled in Dagestan, just across the border from Azerbaijan. About 1,300 of them live in Azerbaijan.

Today the Laks are almost totally Muslim. Many centuries ago Christians from the nearby nation of Georgia preached the gospel to them, but no one responded. Shortly after that the Laks became one of the first people groups in the Caucasus Region to convert to Islam. Today less than one percent of the Lak people put their faith in Christ. This Muslim people group has no Bible, radio broadcast or JESUS Film available in their language.

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Pray that God would send qualified linguists to translate the Bible and gospel radio broadcasts for the Lak people. Pray that the JESUS Film would be dubbed into the Lak language. Ask God to break the hold that Islam has on this people group, and draw them to Christ. Pray that the few Lak believers will lovingly and boldly share Christ with their Muslim neighbors.-WK

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