Daily Topic for November 26, 2009

Psalms 119:162
"I rejoice in Your promise like one who finds great spoil."

Through the centuries, Central Asians have found “great spoil” through conquest, and through trade during the days of the Silk Road. Many found hidden treasures of silk, gold and other precious commodities, and they grew rich. Today these riches are no longer available except for the very few who control Central Asian oil deposits. But there are greater riches available to them: God’s promises!

Pray that the Kurdish peoples will soon learn of, experience and rejoice in His promises. Pray that they will seek out and embrace the One who offers these promises.

Shikaki Kurds

Ahmed tended his flock of bleating goats in a parched field in northern Iran. The grass was thin and so were his goats. If he couldn’t get a good price for his goat meat, then he’d have to move to Tehran and get a job at a time when jobs were few. Either that or he would have to cross the border into Turkey. Maybe he would be able to get a job in Ankara, the capitol of Turkey. But Ahmed knew that Shikaki Kurds like himself weren’t welcome in either Tehran or Ankara.

The Shikaki Kurds live in the tense border region between Iran and Turkey. A few also live in Iraq. They are mostly herders, but a drop in the price of meat animals has forced many to find jobs in major cities in recent years. Unemployment runs rampant.

Shikaki Kurds are Sunni Muslims and there are no known believers among them. The Bible has yet to be translated into their language. There are also no gospel radio broadcasts in the Shikaki language.

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Pray that the Bible would be translated into the Shikaki language. Ask God for the start of gospel radio broadcasts for this people group. Pray also for open doors. Iran is closed to the gospel of Christ. Restrictive laws make it difficult for workers to operate in both Iran and Turkey.-WK

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