Daily Topic for November 25, 2009

Psalms 119: 18
"Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law."

Like Muslims everywhere, the Central Asians seek to obey the law of Allah. Little do they know how much more their Creator has for them than following a list of dos and don’ts! In Psalms 119, the Psalmist expresses his reverence and joy in knowing God’s “law” which is far more than a Muslim can accept without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is joy and peace in internalizing the “law” or Word of the Lord.

Pray that the Muslim Hawarami Guarni people of Iran will experience the joy and peace of internalizing God’s Word.

Hawarami Guarni People in Iran

As Stei climbs the rocky, rugged mountain, the farms and flat-roofed houses disappear from his view. Each summer, he leads his sheep and goats to higher pastures in Kurdistan. He has assimilated into the Kurdish culture, although he still speaks Gurani. Kurdistan means “land of the Kurds.” It includes parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and other countries. Kurdistan is not a self-governing state, although many of the Kurds think of it as a nation. Stei lives in Iran, and he is a Guarni Hawarami, but he thinks of himself as an Islamic Kurd.

Some of his extended family and friends are Shi’ite and some are Sunni Muslims. Stei has never heard the gospel, he has never met a follower of Christ, and there is no Bible translated into his language. The number of Christian adherents in this area is .01 percent.

How can a believer reach into Iran to tell Stei and his family the good news? What would Stei face if he decided to follow Christ? Anyone who questions Islam in Iran faces severe persecution.

Prayer is the key that can open long locked doors. God alone can protect the few Hawarami people who have embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Ask God to strengthen, encourage and protect any Hawarami believers. Implore the Lord to tear down spiritual strongholds in Kurdish Iran. Pray for the glory of God to shine throughout this dark region, so that Christ will be exalted.-AK

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