Daily Topic for November 23, 2009

Psalms 97:12
"The Lord has made His salvation known and revealed His righteousness to the nations."

In one way, the Lord has made His salvation known to all the earth. According to what we read in Romans 1, creation itself reveals God’s glory to all the nations. Everyone knows something of God’s righteousness through what they see around them. All they have to do is look to His creation, and they will see the genius of the Creator. It would be very easy for Talysh farmers, who see the flowers and grass that grow every spring and the sheep giving birth to lambs, to understand that an awesome, loving Creator is behind it all.

Pray that as Talysh people observe His creation, that they will acknowledge the goodness of His work, and begin their path to God the Father.

Eshtehardi Talysh people of Iran

The tribal leaders have talked all day: “Shall we cling to our ancestors’ traditional Islamic ways and remain separate from modern culture? Or shall we accept some of the Western ways and open the door for evil to cause us to sin?” The discussion lasts until dawn breaks, and still they have not reached a decision. People groups like the Eshtehardi Talyshs in Central Asia wrestle with such questions every day.

The Eshtehardi Talysh people have lived in Iran for thousands of years. Their lifestyle varies, depending on whether they live in the low coastal regions or the mountainous areas. Most are farmers. Those in the lowlands grow vegetables, melons, grapes, and citrus fruits. In some areas, they grow rice, corn and barley. In the highlands, they live in flat-roofed homes built of uncut stone. Houses in the lower areas are built of clay, roofed with reeds or sedge. The doorways are high, since there are no openings in the roof to expel smoke from the cooking fires. Most Talysh homes have no furniture. Boys usually marry between the ages of 15 and 20, while girls marry between 12 and 16.

They are virtually 100 percent Shi’ite Muslim. They know of Jesus and consider him a good man, but not God’s only way to salvation. No radio broadcasts, Bibles nor other literature exist in their language.

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Pray for skilled people to develop radio programs in Talysh. Ask God to raise up prayer teams to regularly stand in the gap for the Eshtehardi Talysh people.-JWS

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