Daily Topic for November 20, 2009

Psalms 87:4a
"I will record Rahab and Babylon among those who acknowledge Me..."

There will come a day when God will record every nation as one that acknowledges Him. But meanwhile, there are about 10,000 that don’t, many of which live in remote parts of Iran like the Astianis. The small, the weak, the forsaken by man-God has not forgotten them!

Pray that these peoples will not forsake God. Pray that soon the day will come when He will record the Aimaqs, the Bruhais, the Grangalis, and the Astianis as being among His children.

Astiani People of Iran

Can you imagine living in a prison cell your entire life and not realizing that you are living in a prison cell? This is the spiritual life of the Astiani people who live in a region southwest of Tehran. They not only live in a country that is closed to the gospel, but they also have no Bible or other Christian resources in their own language.

Although the Astianis are herdsmen, their lives are tightly controlled by the Shi’ite Muslim religious leaders in Tehran. Evangelistic materials like gospel recordings are not allowed in Iran. During an election last June, it became clear that the Iranian government tries its best to control what information comes in through the Internet, though they don’t always succeed. Because of their remote, rural location, the Astiani people probably don’t even have access to the Internet, so it will take radio broadcasts and unstoppable people to get the gospel to them.

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Ask the Lord to open the ears for the Astiani people to hear the gospel, whether through the spoken word or through a Bible translated into their own tongue. Pray for radio broadcasts, gospel recordings and other non-print materials to get to their communities. Ask the Lord to give His children in Iran a vision and a willingness to reach spiritually imprisoned, remote peoples like the Astianis.-NW

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