Daily Topic for November 19, 2009

Psalms 71:19b
"Who, O God, is like You?"

Can anyone honestly say that they created a galaxy? Absolutely not! No one is like the Lord! But mankind is constantly trying to shrink the Lord and put Him on the same god shelf as all the others. Members of Tsakhur people have been deceived into worshipping jinns and other worthless spirits that cannot help them. To not acknowledge the superiority of our Creator over all others is to lie.

Pray that the Tsakhur people of Azerbaijan will forsake false gods and truthfully acknowledge that He alone is worthy of worship and devotion.

Tsakkhur People of Azerbaijan

Although they call themselves the Yiqby, everyone else calls them the Tsakkhur, the name of one of their villages. Perhaps that is because no one except the members of this people group are able to properly pronounce their name!

God knows them intimately as Yiqby, Tsakkhur and probably several other names as well. In fact, He knows each of the 16,000 individuals in this group, having created them and placed them in northern Azerbaijan for a specific purpose: to worship and serve Him.

The Tsakkhur are not, however, serving Christ. They have been Muslim since the 11th century. In fact, the city of Tsakkhur was once a headquarters for Islam in Dagestan, a region in southern Russia.

Like many of the neighboring people groups of Central Asia, the Tsakkhur people live in difficult to reach rural regions. This has helped to keep them hidden from the good news of Jesus Christ. As the Joshua Project notes, “The Tsakkhur are in desperate need of a viable Christian witness among them. The overwhelming majority of them have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel.”

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Ask the Lord to reveal creative ways for laborers to take the message of salvation to the Tsakkhur people. Pray for radio and Internet ministries to target this seemingly forgotten group. Pray for the hearts of the Tsakkhur people to be set free from the darkness of Islam and turned toward the saving light of Jesus Christ.-CL

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