Daily Topic for November 16, 2009

Psalms 66:13
"I will come to Your temple with burnt offerings, and fulfill my vows to You..."

Whom but the Almighty Creator and Savior is worthy of our sacrifices and vows? None! Jewish peoples all over the world know of the importance of staying focused on Jehovah Jireh, their provider. He provides them with everything they need.

Pray that the Jewish communities in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan will come face to face with their Provider, and fulfill the vows of their ancestors to bless the nations for His glory.

Jewish People in Azerbaijan

Abramov, an Azerbaijani parliamentary representative and a “Mountain Jew,” stood proud as he talked to an international group of journalists visiting his hometown of Quba. “Quba is not unlike any other Jewish community. 0ur rabbi was educated in Israel where you can find another 50,000 of us living. People look at us here with admiration. They like our good cars, houses, education, and businesses. As Jews, we have lived in this area for almost 2,500 years.”

Azerbaijan’s population is about 8,000,000 of which 93 percent are Muslim. Jews only number about 12,000 and are divided mainly into three subgroups: Mountain (largest group), Ashkenazi and Georgian.

In recent years, there has been little discrimination against Jews in Azerbaijan and the government had a good relationship with Israel. However, this spring the government passed a bill that religious bodies may not engage in “creating racial, national, religious, or social hostility and enmity.” Already, Jews, Christians and some Muslim groups (those suspected of terrorism) have experienced restrictions in areas of education, worship locations, obtaining and selling literature (Bibles and Torahs). Established religious centers are being required to re-register. Some are being denied their legal right to exist.


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Pray that the Azerbaijani government will not continue implementing laws that will restrict religious freedom. Pray that believers will be strong and be willing to reach out to Jews and Muslims for the Kingdom of God.-PD

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