Daily Topic for November 15, 2009

Psalms 62:5-6a
"Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation..."

Rest is a precious commodity for those who live in dire poverty like the Aimaq people of Afghanistan. Water is scarce, making it hard to find good pasture for their livestock, and markets for their rugs can sometimes be even more scarce. Many of them turn not to the Creator, but to jins and other malevolent spirits in hopes of getting their needs met.

Pray that the Aimaq people will come to the Father, and experience peace in their souls that only can come from a relationship with Christ.

Char Aimaq of Afghanistan

Fatima and the other virgins spin their intricate dance maneuvers. Her gown boasts bright colors with sequins worn over colored pants. Her father beams with pride, even as worry streaks his brow. The other fathers show the same mixture of emotions. Pride rises from the beauty of their daughters and their skill in dancing. Worry haunts them because of the occasion: The dance of the virgin daughters only occurs when drought persists. Still, since it was a social occasion, they shared food with their guests: a thick, whole wheat bread baked in mud ovens. This accompanied rice, chickpeas, garden vegetables, eggs and even lamb for the outsiders.

The scene comes from the Char Aimaq group of Afghanistan. Char means “four” and the term is used to refer to four major tribes. They are not one distinct ethnicity, but they do share many customs with other people groups. They follow a semi-nomadic pattern, growing dry crops and feed for their animals. They follow the majority of Afghans in Sunni Islam. Their spoken dialects resemble a version of Farsi. So Bibles and gospel materials would be available in similar tongues, but not in their own dialects.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will rain His new life into the four tribes of the Char Aimaq and that the spiritual drought will end with God’s outpouring. Pray that materials will become available in their own dialects. Pray that God will reveal Himself even in dreams to their leaders.-EF

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