Daily Topic for November 14, 2009

Psalms 19:1
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands."

Imagine a Gujur shepherd looking into the sky one clear night. He knows that there is a creator, but he doesn’t know how to reach Him. Nor does he know that the same one that created those enormous balls of hydrogen also cares for him, and created each human in His own image.

Pray that shepherd peoples like the Gujurs will see His glory in nature all around them, and respond by giving Him praise and worship.

Gujur Rajasthani of Afghanistan

Mahmoud throws back the flap-door and barges into his house. It is a dark, windowless, one-room, tent-like structure used between growing seasons. Today he is angry and desperate. He struggled through the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. He barely tolerated the Taliban. Now he suffers under the U.S.-Taliban conflict. From one day to the next, he doubts he will have enough food for his family.

He struggles to earn an honest living as a sheepherder, the traditional trade of his people. He moves with his flock, according to the season. But war and drought made this increasingly difficult. His brother travels as a tinker with his family. He goes to homes and shops, looking for anything that needs mending. Other Gujur kinsmen are musicians, tradesmen or fortune-tellers. But some have become so poor that they resort to begging and stealing.

Mahmoud’s clan of Gujur Rajsthanis form part of a larger network of Gujurs. Centuries past they were all Hindus. But a Muslim invasion in the 11th century forced many to convert to Islam. Since then they have lived a life of poverty, illiteracy and social oppression. In spite of their generous nature, they face widespread discrimination.

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Pray that the Light of the World will shine His light into the dark world of the Gujur Rajsthanis. Pray that Christian relief agencies can gain access to forbidden regions in the wake of wars and disasters. Pray that God will reveal Himself to Gujur Rajasthani clan leaders.-EF

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