Daily Topic for November 13, 2009

Psalms 66:16
"Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what He has done for me."

There are many ways to communicate the gospel. Recently we discussed the power of music and worship in reaching the unreached. But today we come across an exhortation to give your testimony. It doesn’t take a PhD in missiology to do this; anyone can tell others of what God has done for him.

Pray that many thousands will give their testimonies to the unreached peoples in Central Asia next year. Pray that God will give the Muslims of Central Asia ears to hear and hearts to respond to these testimonies.

International Mission Board Work

An International Mission Board (Southern Baptist) missionary working with an unreached people group in Central Asia was looking for some “good soil” in which to share the gospel, but he seriously doubted that he had found such when he hired “Bruce” (from the unreached people group) to work for him. At the end of the first day the missionary doubted Bruce’s suitability to do the work, but they continued to work together and became friends.

Bruce confided in his new friend that his life was in turmoil: his father had just died, he had marital problems and he drank excessively. He was a man consumed by sin. Unexpectedly, Bruce told the missionary that his father had always wanted a copy of the New Testament. The missionary replied that he had one and would share it with him. As he did so, Bruce’s eyes lit up, and he was drawn to the passages about Jesus. Bruce then began asking questions: “How can I make my marriage work? How can I stop drinking so much?” His questions were leading Bruce to Jesus. Bruce delighted his friend when he told him that he wanted to believe in Jesus. As Bruce sincerely trusted Jesus, patterns in his life began to change.

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Pray for God to use the lives and testimonies of Bruce and others from his people group to reach his Muslim neighbors for Jesus. Pray that all efforts of Satan to stop God’s work among this group will be frustrated.-JS

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