Daily Topic for November 12, 2009

Psalms 49:15, NIV
"But God will redeem my life from the grave; He will surely take me to Himself."

We are redeemed, forgiven and transformed. There is so much to be thankful for! This is a great verse to use when explaining the rewards for following Christ. But isn’t our faith more than a ticket to heaven? Shouldn’t we be concerned for those who don’t know and have no way to know until someone goes to them? Shouldn’t we be praying fervently for them? Entire nations still wait to hear; some of them include only hundreds of people.

Pray that the Lord will strengthen us to pray for the unreached peoples this month, so that they can experience His merciful salvation. Pray for the work of groups like People International as they bring the transforming gospel to the nations.

People International Work

People International has a large goal as evidenced by the huge area it targets: all of Central Asia. Look at the map on page three. You will see a large sprawling area that covers deserts, mountains, lush valleys, and glacial regions. It is an area that is very much in the center of both international and regional conflicts. Members of People International, however, are excited as their numbers have grown rapidly from 32 field workers to over 80 in just a few years’ time. They ask for prayer for the equipping, funding and logistics for these individuals who have answered God’s call, counted the cost and have planted themselves squarely in the heart of God’s purposes.

People International’s huge vision involves taking “the Good News of His Son to the hearts and minds of families in Tajikistan, the students in Kazakhstan, the addict in Uzbekistan, the child struggling with cerebral palsy in Afghanistan, the onlookers invited to attend the secret gathering in Turkmenistan, and the minority Muslim person in northwestern China.” It is a big vision, but not too big for our Great God. To contact People International go to: http://www.gopeople.org/

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for People International workers to be thrust forth with the power and fruit of the Holy Spirit as they minister to the spiritual needs of the Muslims in this vast region.- JS

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