Daily Topic for November 04, 2009

Psalms 67:3
"May the peoples praise You, O God; may all the peoples praise You."

Notice that the Psalmist used the word “all.” All the peoples should praise His glorious Name! That list of peoples includes the smallest, the weakest, the least known.

Pray that such people will put their hope in the God who deserves their praise. Pray that cross cultural workers in Central Asia will soon identify and translate praise materials, even for the smallest of the small language groups.

Aga Khanis of Pakistan

“The smallest of the small.” That is the description of the group of people known as the Aga Khanis. In Pakistan the Muslim population is 80 percent Sunni and only 20 percent Shi’ite. Of the Shi’ite subgroups, Aga Khanis represent only about 10 percent. Yet, this small group is like a burr under the saddle of the rest of the population, offending them with their “Western ways” of women discarding their veils and praying alongside men in their mosques. They also follow a strong human leader known as the Aga Khan. They are threatened with being declared “infidels,” which would result in them being expelled from mosques and place them in jeopardy of their lives.

The general population in Pakistan is tempted to attend the Aga Khanis’ schools. Unlike the madrasa education of the Islamic fundamentalists, the Aga Khanis’ schools are based upon the British system. The Front for the Defense of Islam fears that the Aga Khanis’ Western ideas will affect the worldview of those who attend their schools.

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Pray that the Aga Khanis will be enlightened to the Savior, Jesus Christ, who loves them and died to pay for the sins of mankind. Pray for faithful believers to go to them with the word of God and bear witness of His saving grace. Pray that the Aga Khanis will be protected from their enemies.-PE

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