Daily Topic for October 29, 2009

Judges 10:16
"Then they got rid of the foreign gods among them and served the Lord. And He could bear Israel's misery no longer."

We know that our God is very compassionate, and willing to forgive sins. He could bear Israel’s misery no longer! Don’t you think that it grieves God’s heart to see the misery of the peoples of Bangladesh? He would love to pour out His blessings on them, but first they must throw away whatever idols keep them from Him.

Pray that the Bahai people of Bangladesh will discard any idols that keep them from Jesus Christ. Pray specifically that members of the Bahai religion will realize that they must depend on the righteousness of Christ rather than their own merit when they stand before the Throne.

Bahais in Bangladesh

The judge shook his finger at the defendant. “You had better get a heavy-duty lawyer.” He slammed down the gavel and pronounced the charges. “Sedition for speaking out for this country to recognize Israel.” Ghazi’s cheeks stung at the judge’s words, portraying him as a weak attorney because he was Bahai. He knew that his client would return to the area of the jail reserved for criminally insane.

Ghazi and other Bahais stayed at the accused’s home, in an attempt to protect the Christian man’s family. Such kind actions are common for the Bahais. The family shared their Christian faith with Ghazi and his friends, but because of the spiritual veil that covers their eyes to the truth, they continue to believe that all faiths are acceptable and there is only need for goodness and kindness in one’s life.

Bahais believe that when there is a crisis, God appears in the form of a prophet. They believe that Moses, Mohammed and Jesus are all such manifestations. The Bahai religion was born from the belief of a man who saw himself to be the Muslim messiah in the early 1800s. It has spread throughout the world and there are about 10,000 Bahais in Bangladesh. They are widely persecuted.

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Pray that the spiritual veil is lifted from the eyes of these kind, gracious people. Pray that they will see that their actions, however good, are not enough to reach God. Pray that thousands of Bahai find eternal life through Christ.-PE

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