Daily Topic for October 28, 2009

Joshua 24:15
"Then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve."

Choice is a great privilege-and a fearful responsibility. The greatest choice any individual or group will ever make is which god it will serve. In days in which personal freedom is exalted over all virtues, the call to serve another sounds like foolishness. Yet even when carnal men think themselves most free, they find themselves in bondage to lust, greed or materialism. Scripture reminds us that God has created people for Himself, to love and serve Him. If we reject God and worship someone or something else, bondage and idolatry results. When we serve God wholeheartedly, we experience spiritual freedom.

Pray that the hearts of the Burmese people in Bangladesh will be turned to serving the living God and His son, Jesus Christ. Pray that they will destroy their Buddhist idols and embrace Him.

Buddhist Burmese People in Bangladesh

“Are we really safe?” wondered the Burmese village leader as travelers brought him news from neighboring Myanmar. His village was in Bangladesh, only a few miles from the political turmoil in Myanmar, ruled by a brutal military junta. The village leader saw the worried looks on the faces of the people he led. Most of them still have relatives in Myanmar.

Political turmoil has a long history in Myanmar. Thousands of Burmese had fled that land during the 1800s and settled in what is now Bangladesh. At that time, they were moving into an area controlled by the British Empire. Many more joined them in recent decades, after the start of more political turmoil in Myanmar.

In Bangladesh the Burmese live as farmers. They worship Buddha and seek the “Middle Way” of Buddhism that they believe will lead to peace. The Burmese in Bangladesh try to keep to themselves, but changing times may soon make that impossible. Natural gas was recently discovered in their homeland, so the outside world will soon be moving in.

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Pray for Christian NGOs to take the gospel and constructive ways to deal with their new situation to the Burmese in Bangladesh. Pray that God would lead the right people to reach out to the Burmese Buddhists. Ask God to break the hold that Buddhism has on the Burmese people. May this people group find true peace and salvation in Jesus Christ.-WK

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