Daily Topic for October 26, 2009

Joshua 8:27
"Gideon made the gold into an ephod, which he placed in Ophrah, his town. All Israel prostituted themselves by worshiping it there, and it became a snare to Gideon and his family."

Plunder and wealth sometimes became a source of false worship for the people of Israel. Joshua 8 goes on to say that the people of Israel returned to Baal worship and forgot to show kindness to Gideon’s family. Forgetting history is foolish. When it leads to sin against the living God, it leads to evil. The Arakanese people we are praying for today were once pirates who gathered much plunder.

Pray that as the Arakanese people remember their history that they will understand that like the rest of humanity, they are part of sinful mankind that needs to find their way back to God.

Buddhist Arakanese People in Bangladesh

The old man gathered the children around himself by the campfire. “Long ago, before Buddha caused me to be reborn as a farmer, I was a pirate captain who had grown rich looting Chinese junks headed for India. Those junks were loaded with treasure! They had gold-plated ceramic vases and beautiful silk.” The children listened closely, eager to hear more, as the old man told stories about the colorful past of their Arakanese people, events that happened during a time when this people group lived many miles from where they are now.

Today the Arakanese are peaceful farmers living in Bangladesh. Their pirate days ended after the Burmese drove them out of Myanmar and forced them to settle far from the sea. Today these Buddhists are in a country controlled by hostile Muslims.

Though the Arakanese are officially Buddhists, they also worship nature spirits. Very few have found their way to Christ. The Arakanese people need to know that like a pirate, Satan is trying to steal their souls and leave them destitute.

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Ask God to open the eyes of this people group to their need for salvation in Christ alone. Pray that the Arakanese will realize that they have only one life to live and that reincarnation is a lie. Pray that a mission agency would reach out to the Arakanese people so that they can know their Savior.-WK

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