Daily Topic for October 11, 2009

Numbers 11:29b
"I wish that all the Lord's people were prophets and that the Lord would put His Spirit on them!"

The Lord answered Moses’ prayer, and young Joshua was concerned about Moses’ position. But Moses was ecstatic! He finally has some relief from the burden! Likewise, church leaders and missionaries, especially in a place like Bangladesh where there is so much work to do, could find relief if the Lord would raise up others to share the work.

Pray that God will thrust out more Bangladeshi believers to share the burden with those involved with the InterServe network.


We cannot turn on the TV or read a newspaper without hearing of conflict and violence all over the world. Families are in conflict, and neighbors fight with neighbors. Is there any wonder at the complexity we hear about in the global arena?

There is an international Christian networking organization whose goal is to cooperatively serve with others whose different skills complement each other. That organization is InterServe International, and their mission statement says it well: “InterServe is a network of Christians from all over the world who, using their professional skills, work together to serve people of Asia and the Arab world-getting alongside them in tackling material, physical, mental and spiritual needs.”

From its inception InterServe has put great emphasis on integration of word and deed wherever they serve. They have over 600 partners working in more than 25 countries from 19 nationalities. They are truly global in not only their outreach but also in their partners. Their purpose statements says, “Our purpose is to make Jesus Christ known through integrated ministry in partnership with the global church, amongst the neediest people of Asia and the Arab world.”

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for InterServe’s efforts in Bangladesh as they partner with local churches and NGOs to help the neediest of that country. Pray that their efforts will bring glory to Christ and extend His Kingdom in the hearts of many.-JS

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