Daily Topic for October 05, 2009

Exodus 35:10
"All who are skilled among you are to come and make everything the Lord has commanded:..."

It’s encouraging to know that God has a purpose for each of us. All of our talents come from Him, and can be used to bless Him and extend His Kingdom. God used poor farmers in Myanmar, just to Bangladesh’s east, to show the world how to give a little each day to extend His Kingdom. (See the bottom of page five). Likewise, the humble Kaibartta fishermen of Bangladesh can use the skills God gave them to bring honor to Him.

Pray for some from the Kaibartta community to dedicate their lives and their modest fortunes to bless the Lord and extend His Kingdom.

Hindu Jhalo Malo People in Bangladesh

Abhijit sits with the council of elders. He values his role in the fishing community. As a male, he contributes to group decisions. His wife waits at home, while he joins other leading men to decide for the clan. Along with his Jhalo Malo fishing community, the greater Hindu community faces the persecution of Bangladesh’s Muslim majority. Here Abhijit finds his identity as a Hindu fisherman. His brother, Sudhamay, left fishing to open a business in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city. But he did not leave the Jhalo Malo community. Sudhamay still returns for council meetings. That is part of what it means to be Jhalo Malo. They are always community, they never decide alone, and the men make decisions for the group.

Traditionally, all Jhalo Malo people were fishermen. Now increasing numbers have transitioned to other businesses. Despite recent changes they identify primarily with being part of the Jhalo Malo community. Their community loyalty and the way they make decisions should dictate how believers must approach them.

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Pray for the elders of the Jhalo Malo to discover the truth in Jesus. Pray that elders will have the courage to decide a new course for their people, one that will lead them to embrace the Savior. Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of Jhalo Malo community members to become fishers of Men.-EF

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