Daily Topic for September 28, 2009

Genesis 46:3
"Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you into a great nation there."

The sovereignty of God in missions has always included a mysterious dimension to it. The irony of God’s instruction to Jacob is that his method of making Israel into a great nation was to allow them to become the servants of the Egyptians. Although it seems counter-intuitive, Jesus said the same thing to his disciples, and demonstrated it by laying down his life. The means by which the nations will be won to Christ is not likely to be the means we would choose. The Kanjar people are noted for being criminals and prostitutes. But like Rahab and Mary Magdalene, they can be redeemed in such a way that they can be a blessing to the peoples of Orissa.

Pray that God will do such a redemptive work among the Kanjar people that they will be a blessing to their neighbors.

Kanjar People

They were labeled a “criminal tribe” during colonial rule, branded as such by their fellow countrymen, and today they have been called the “most despicable” of all the people in India. Given the vast number of people groups in this huge country, this is quite a condemnation!

The Kanjars earned this poor reputation among their peers by prostituting their women and engaging in a variety of other illegal and illicit activities. They have earned a bad reputation in God’s eyes by choosing to worship Bhavani and the goddess Prabha. They also invoke the powers of a “protector-exorcist” known as Syaanaa to keep evil spirits at bay, and regularly pay homage to their ancestors through prayer and the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Despite these behaviors, God loves the Kanjar people. He sent His only Son so that they could believe in Him and have everlasting Life. Jesus died on the cross in order to rescue the Kanjars from the dominion of darkness and lead them into the Kingdom of God. Have the Kanjars heard this good news? Do they know that God desires to have relationship with them? Who will tell them?

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Pray for the Kanjar people to be reached with the gospel. Pray for the Word of God to be preached and demonstrated in such a way that they will be set free from their bondage to demons and self destruction. Pray for the Kanjars to realize their true identity in Christ.-CL

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