Daily Topic for September 26, 2009

Genesis 26:28
"We saw clearly that the Lord was with you; so we said, 'There ought to be a sworn agreement between us.'"

These words from King Abimelech’s men to Isaac testify clearly to the reality that Moses would speak of centuries later: It is the Lord’s presence that distinguishes us from all the peoples of the world (Ex. 33:16). Unless he is with us we don’t dare venture out to fulfill the mission we have been given. His presence not only makes the mission possible, his presence is what the mission is all about. On many occasions God repeatedly reminded Abraham and his children of this reality, “I will be with you and will bless you” (Gen. 26:2). Jesus echoed the same words to his disciples when sending them out, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Mt. 28:20).

Pray that God’s protective blessing will be with His children in Orissa whenever they face violent persecution, like they did in late 2007.

Ganda People

Vincey hurries down the street looking for her husband who is playing drums for a wedding. She doesn’t have much time to find him and give him his lunch. Their own children are waiting for her at home to feed them before she returns to the field to work. Vincey looks too young to have five small children, but she, like other Ganda women of her community, married at age 11. Vincey and her husband barely eke out a living. He is a piper and plays the drums, a Ganda legacy, and they both work in the fields.

The Ganda people of Orissa are an untouchable class and often suffer terribly at the hands of others. Filing police reports after an injustice is usually futile. Vincey’s cousin Mangilal has become a follower of Christ, and he faced additional persecution because of that decision. Vincey has noticed a change in his life. Even when dragged into the street and beaten, he called on this Jesus. He seems cheerful and has a caring attitude toward others. She wonders if this Jesus could change her life. Would her husband reject her? Would she find work? Would she starve or be beaten like Mangilal? Would she find acceptance and respect among the other followers of Jesus?

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Pray that Ganda believers will continue to be a strong testimony to others and use their testimony to draw others to Christ.-JS

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