Daily Topic for September 23, 2009

Genesis 18:24-25
"Then Abraham approached Him and said, 'Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? What if there are 50 righteous people in the city?'"

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this passage is not Abraham’s boldness to ask such confrontational questions of God, but God’s positive response to these questions! Nowhere in the history of any religion do we find such camaraderie between the Creator God and man as we do in this account. God literally says, “I cannot hide from Abraham what I am going to do” (Gen. 18:17), and then allows His friend to question Him on His actions. The precedent God is establishing here is clear. The Abrahamic Covenant of blessing involves prophetic intercession for the nations. God reveals to His people what He is going to do in the world and invites us to participate in His actions as intercessors.

Pray that India’s humble Chamars will become a key source of intercession for the nations we call India.

Chamar People

In a land where the cow is sacred, who could be more despised than those who tan cowhides? Dealing with the dead is “polluting” work according to Hindu beliefs, and dealing with dead cattle is in a category all its own. They are blamed for polluting water systems with their tanning chemicals. Those that cross the path of a forward (high) caste individual may be accused of “polluting” that person with their shadow. Even using the term “Chamar” is becoming offensive in today’s world, as one family in New Delhi found out the hard way last year. The Chamar individual took them to court and won the case!

Still, there is a need for leather goods, so there is a large community of people who do this dirty work: the 48 million Chamar people. A high percentage of them live in Uttar Pradesh, though there are 145,000 living in Orissa where they have three subgroups. They are scattered throughout India’s northern states where there are few bodies of believers. The one state where there are many Chamar followers of Christ is Haryana, according to an India Missions Association publication. Hindu communities treat the Chamars with disdain. Why aren’t the Chamars coming to Christ by the millions?

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Pray that Chamar believers from Haryana will reach out to the Chamars who live in other parts of India.-KC

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