Daily Topic for September 15, 2009

Genesis 12:2-3
"I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you . . . and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

The word blessing in the context of Genesis has a very profound meaning. When Jacob wanted to receive his father’s inheritance he asked Isaac to bless him. In the same way, what God is saying here to Abraham is that he has been adopted into His family, and thus he is now an heir to all the privileges associated with being His son. He is also called to be involved in the family enterprise: the redemption of all peoples, and the adoption of all who are willing into the family of God. This inheritance now belongs to all who call Christ “Lord.”

Pray that the Kondara people will soon understand and embrace their inheritance to the blessing and privileges given to Abraham.

Kondara People

“Next in line, come on, hurry!” Indu’s usually calm nature was irritated this morning. Didn’t this line of women know that she must rush their tattooing and complete as many of them as possible? The women swooned over the lady with the emerging finished project. Lacy, intricate lines now decorated her hands and arms.

Jahan, Indu’s husband, poked his head into the modest room packed with chattering women. “Indu, I have a job. I’m leaving to carry lights and dance in a wedding.” Indu smiled at him and relaxed a little. Perhaps they will have enough to pay this week’s fee to the moneylender. They had borrowed from him when their baby was ill, but the exorbitant interest made it impossible to catch up. They were slaves to a simple doctor bill. How would they pay the price?

Although the gospel is available through the JESUS film, the Bible, radio programs, several mission agencies and gospel cassettes, there are less than 200 followers of Christ among the 87,000 Bengali-speaking Kondara people.

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Pray that poverty through the slavery of greedy moneylenders would be broken and the Kondara people could lift their heads from their toil long enough to hear about and receive Jesus Christ, who came to carry their burdens, give them peace and an abundant life. Pray that the veil would be lifted and they would recognize their Savior and that a great wind of salvation would pass through their communities so that multitudes would be saved.-PE

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