Daily Topic for September 10, 2009

Genesis 4:26
"Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time, men began to call on the Name of the Lord."

Here in Genesis chapter four we find an interesting contrast between two groups of people. The first descend from Cain, and they are identified by their careers, by what they are able to do. In this group are musicians, herders, metal smiths, and builders of cities. But the second group’s identity is found in their relationship with the Lord. Today is no different. Most people, when asked to say something about themselves, identify who they are by what they do. But a few choose to identify themselves by Who they know.

Pray that the Ghatwar people of Orissa will cease to be known by what they do (prostitution), and will soon be transformed in such a way that they will be known by Who they know.

Ghatwar People

Infanticide and prostitution hang over the Ghatwar people like a dark cloud. On one occasion a child was found in a plastic bag, shivering in the cold, in the dense forests of the North Karnapura Valley in Jharkhand, near the Orissa border. She was just a few hours old, and lacked even the energy to cry or open her eyes. Her mother had thrown her in the bushes. She was just a pound of flesh left to be eaten by wild animals or to die in the chilling wind. She was found only because some women happened to be gathering firewood. Crows were already hovering around the little girl. A slight movement let the women know that the baby was still alive. The young women began to argue over the baby. Some thought she ought to be handed over to the local police. Another woman said, “I have found her, and I will save her!”

Why would a Ghatwar mother abandon a helpless baby? Ghatwar women routinely contract HIV through sex trafficking. They simply see no hope for babies born to them out of wedlock. This child was saved for the moment, but what will her life be like later on? Will she be pushed into the sex trade, as so many other women and girls are?

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Pray that God will stem the rising tide of HIV for the Ghatwar people who have no hope without Jesus. Pray that they will rebel against their circumstances by embracing Christ and His holy ways.-CH

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