Daily Topic for September 05, 2009

Genesis 2:15
"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it."

From the very beginning, God elevated work to the highest level and sanctified it through his own work in Creation. Unfortunately, today most people, including the Jangrid Brahmins, don’t view work with much enthusiasm, and Genesis tells us why. Through our own folly we traded our Edenic occupation for mindless toil. However, the good news is that in Christ, the value of work can be redeemed. Even in the cruel Roman Empire, Christian slaves were urged to do their work as unto the Lord, and as a result, incredible social transformation followed, and Christ was glorified.

Pray for God’s children to work in such a way that Jangrid Brahmin communities will be blessed, and God will be praised among the nations.

Badhai Brahmins

Economic disruption and uncertainty are never easy to deal with, and the recent experiences of the Badhai Brahmins are a case in point. In recent years, many of them in several parts of India have lost their jobs due to the influence of industrialization. The growth of manufacturing has taken away much of their opportunity as craftsmen. Manual labor is not an acceptable option for a Badhai Brahmin, as they are usually very proud. Such work is considered to be beneath any Brahmin. There are many of them employed in engineering, education, small-scale manufacturing, and carpentry. An area in which they have a continuing need is education in field engineering due to their strong technical bent.

Hinduism is the religion and culture of nearly one hundred per cent of the Badhai Brahmins, being the entire lifestyle from birth to death. They give special care to please a particular few gods out of the millions that Hinduism recognizes.

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Pray that the recent economic upheaval would cause the Badhai Brahmins to reconsider their worldview. Pray that Christ will soon make greater inroads into the hearts of the Badhai Brahmins of India.-JR

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