Daily Topic for September 04, 2009

Genesis 1:28
"God blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.'"

The mandate to fill the earth and subdue it has clear parallels to the Great Commission. As we go forth in His Name, we are reclaiming this vision of seeing worshipers, who worship in spirit and in truth, giving glory to God in every time-zone on this planet, among every nation, tribe and people. The end result is that at any given time on this planet, praises to God are going forth. While in one time zone a session of praise and worship is coming to a close, in another it is just getting started. Built into the solar system itself is all the technology required for an entire generation to pray and worship without ceasing. Truly our God is an awesome God!

Pray that the Oriya speakers of Orissa might reflect back to God the beauty and majesty of all that He is.

Oriya speakers of Orissa, India

In 2008, a fan threatened to kill a 16-year-old Oriyan actress if she did not marry him. He is now out on bail.

Orissa is more populous and less literate than most of India’s states. Oriyans, the people who speak Oriya and live in Orissa, are known for their arts and cuisine, but also for their violence. Fewer than two percent are followers of Christ, yet Christians are targeted more often by Hindu mobs than any other community. In 1999, Australian Graham Staines and his young sons were murdered because he was a Christian missionary.

In December of 2008, violence again flared against Christians. Sectarian nationalism became violent when lower caste Christians were attacked due to their support of anti-caste Maoists, when the latter killed a popular Hindu swami. Hindu mobs burned churches and houses of Christians. Indian web sites asked why missionaries did not leave India alone. The answer is India’s need for shalom, a peace that only the rule of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, can bring to people’s hearts.

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Pray for peace in Orissa, so that the gospel will go forth so that God will be glorified. Pray that God will weaken the powers of hell that bring about needless violence in Orissa. Pray that believers will wisely and prayerfully back moral and ethical candidates. Pray for a harvest of Oriya speakers into fellowships.-TP

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