Daily Topic for August 29, 2009

Rev. 21:24
"The nations will bring their splendor into it."

The Brahmins have offered much to the world. Many of them are among the world’s greatest mathematicians, businessmen and landowners. They have exhibited much splendor for thousands of years. But compared to knowing Christ, their splendor is rubbish, as Paul would say.

Pray that the Brahmins of India will trade in their splendor for the privilege of knowing the King of Kings.

Bairagi Brahmins

The Bairagis are Brahmin ascetics known for self-denial, coiled dreadlocks, and faces marked with vertical stripes representing the Hindu god Rama’s footsteps. Their name means “dispassionate.” Upon initiation these ascetics take the surname Das, meaning a slave or servant of Rama. Often they wear a yellow shawl with Rama’s name on it. In these ways, Bairagis seek to conform their lives to that of Rama. As Brahmins, they consider themselves to be twice through a religious ceremony.

Once every three years these and other ascetic groups meet at the Ganges River for Kumbha Mela. During this festival, they act like kings, complete with royal attire and large entourages. It is also a time to enhance them and their group’s status in the eyes of the Hindu peoples.

There are no known followers of Jesus in this group. They are truly an unreached people.

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Pray that Christian witnesses will use aspects of Bairagi culture as bridges of God to reach this people for Christ. Pray that the Bairagis become as zealous for Jesus as they now are for the Hindu god Rama. May they come to put on Christ and to bear His imprint on their lives. May they follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Pray that God will use His Word, dreams and visions to lead Bairagi leaders to Christ.-TP

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