Daily Topic for August 28, 2009

Rev. 21:6
"And He said to me: 'It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life.'"

God has existed since the very beginning, and He will exist to the very end. He will rule the earth, and no Rajput warrior will be able to stand against Him when the end comes.

Pray that the proud Rajputs will humbly bow before the One who gives from the water of life.

Thakur Rajputs

Martial. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word means “pertaining to war; suited to war; warlike, given to war.” These definitions are fitting descriptions for the Thakur Rajputs.

Though historians are uncertain as to their origin, Rajputs consider themselves to be descended from an ancient line of royal warriors. Whether or not this is true, they have established a reputation for being chivalrous and heroic in battle. In colonial days, the British government classified Rajputs as “naturally warlike.” They found them to be so brave and aggressive in battle situations that they actively recruited them for their colonial armies. The Rajputs are spread all across northern India. Most are Hindu, but a small minority follows Islam.

It is certainly no accident that the Rajputs are valiant warriors. God could have created them that way, purposefully instilling in them a fighting spirit. Imagine what His intention for them might actually be! Could He have designed them to be prayer warriors who would boldly and aggressively persevere in intercession for India’s unreached people groups? We won’t know the answer until they themselves have been reached with the gospel.

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Pray for God to reveal Himself to the Thakur Rajputs as the One who gifted them with warrior hearts. Pray for them to surrender to Jesus Christ, the ultimate Warrior who won their freedom from sin on the cross. Ask God to transform them into people who will battle on behalf of His Kingdom.-CL

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