Daily Topic for August 26, 2009

Rev. 19:9
"Then the angel said unto me, 'Write: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb.'"

Like all peoples of the world, India’s Teli business communities are invited to the wedding supper. Therefore, they are blessed! There are those who will go out with the gospel message, and tell them. But will the Telis abuse the messengers as Christ described in the gospels, or will they accept the invitation with gladness?

Pray that the Teli people will accept the invitation with gladness and joy.

Teli People (edible oil extractors)

The higher castes do not accept water or cooked food from the Teli caste, and generally avoid coming in physical contact with them. Ironically, many of these same groups probably cook their dinners with Teli-processed oils! The term ‘Teli’ refers to a business caste that presses and processes edible oils. There are almost 17 million Teli residents in India, most of whom live in the unreached northern states. Teli population in other countries is another one and a half million.

Some are Muslim but in India the majority are Hindu. Teli women are sometimes occupied in sewing and metal work. Child labor is common among the Telis, and their small wages have traditionally been paid in cash. The Teli caste handled the construction of a Hindu temple many years ago, and that temple is now named the Teli Ka Mandir.

Poverty is widespread among them. Even though the Telis are a vital part of the business community, they are a poorly represented caste. Their presence in legislatures, bureaucracy and industry is very minimal. But in recent years one state government granted the Telis inclusion in the scheduled tribes list, which should offer them some benefits.

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Pray that soon the oil of the Holy Spirit would anoint Teli community leaders. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw them and show them that their real hope and future is in Christ alone. He will embrace them as His very own if they will place their trust in Him alone.-MH

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