Daily Topic for August 22, 2009

Rev. 14:6
"Then I saw another angel flying in mid-air, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on earth-to every nation, tribe, language, and people."

Many, unfortunately, have misused this verse to say that we don’t need to proclaim the gospel, because an angel will someday do that. This is tragic if believers allow this one verse to counter all the others that tell us that we must tell of His wonders to the nations. The next sentence in this passage will explain why we need to continue the work He gave us since the beginning of creation.

Pray that many from the Nai barber caste will respond to the gospel message before this decade is finished.

Nai People (barbers)

India has a love/hate relationship with her Nai barbers. On one hand, it is hard to trust the Nai people, be they men or women. Both are noted for being gossips and busy bodies. Yet their notoriety as gossips has given them some great opportunities through the centuries. At one time the barber could be a king’s best source of valuable information. Today Nai women are valued for their ability to give young brides henna tattoos before the wedding and offer the girls needed advice.

Speaking of advice, these loved and hated low caste people are getting the word out about AIDS prevention in Patna, Bihar. These barbers are getting AIDS awareness training and gently bringing up this delicate subject with the men who come to them for haircuts, according to a June 14th, 2008 news article.

Times are changing for the Nai Barbers in Bihar. Once they were almost exclusively roadside barbers who made between 30 and 100 rupees a day. Now many of them are setting up beauty parlors and earning close to three times that amount, according to a March 29th, 2008 article in The Indian. Ranchi, the main city in Jharkhand, now has 200 beauty parlors, up from 50 ten years ago. Nai people are working these shops, dishing out gossip and AIDS information.

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Pray that someone will “gossip” the gospel to the Nai people, and that they will in turn share Christ’s truths with others.-KC

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