Daily Topic for August 21, 2009

Rev. 13:7
"He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation."

It is very easy to mistakenly believe that this contradicts what we saw in Rev. 7:9. But notice that the earlier verse says that “some from” every tribe, and this one says that Satan was “given authority over every” ... Though there will be a remnant from every people, not every individual will respond.

Pray that there will be members of the Lohar community that will be white-hot for their Savior.

Lohar Peoples (nomadic blacksmiths)

Sreler and Sheila, a Lohar couple, laughed as they looked at each other. Both had just seen a farmer throwing away his shovel handle after it broke while he was repairing a fence. Sheila commented, “This will be the easiest sale we have ever made.” With that, they drove their oxcart to the farmer and sold him a shovel they made that morning.

Life is not always this easy for the Lohar peoples of northern India. No matter what name they go by, the Lohars are nomadic blacksmiths who claim to come from Chittaurgarh, in south central Rajasthan. According to their legends, their people were once well-respected Rajput warriors who were cursed by the Hindu goddess Kali because they escaped from the fort at Chittaurgarh while under attack from the Muslim conqueror, Akbar. They vowed never to return to Chittaurgarh, and never to live in houses among other things. They thought Kali would strike them dead if they returned. In 1955, the Indian government brought them back to Chittaurgarh for the first time in centuries. Though Kali did not kill them, they eventually returned to their nomadic lifestyle, where they remain today. Though most still live in Rajasthan, there is a sizable minority that live further east near the Ganges River.

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Pray that Kali will be discredited in the eyes of all Lohar peoples, and that they will experience the goodness and power of the true and living God.-KC

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