Daily Topic for August 20, 2009

Rev. 12: 12b
"But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short."

Satan’s time is short, and he will do all he can to keep peoples like the Kumhars from repenting and embracing Christ. As it stands, the Hindu peoples who live near the Ganges River are indifferent to the gospel. As Satan does his evil work, they will become increasingly hostile.

Pray that many from the Kumhar community will embrace the Lamb. Pray that those who do will have the strength to endure the wrath of the evil one in the final days.

Kumhar People (potters)

Vegand washed the brownish-red clay off his hands as he finished his pottery work for the day. He took one more look at the intricate designs and details of the pots he had made. Looking closer, he noticed one of them had a scrape on the bottom, so he broke it and made a mental note to replace it the next day. After all, his customers deserved the very best.

His son, Kumar, walked in and looked at the pottery wheel. Vegand told him, “Did you know that our people, the Kumhars, invented the pottery wheel? All over the world, people use what we invented!” The boy looked at his dad. He asked, “Daddy, why did you break that pot?” Vegand replied, “We are noted for making the best pottery, and nothing can be wrong with even one of them. If it is not perfect, I destroy it and make another one.”

Indeed, the Kumhar people of northern India have a good reputation for their hard work, honesty and skill in making fine pottery. They probably didn’t invent the pottery wheel, however, though they make good use of them each day. The Kumhar people are Hindus who primarily worship Shiva, the god of destruction.

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Pray that these skilled people will soon turn their allegiance to Jesus, the eternal One.-KC

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