Daily Topic for August 04, 2009

Jude 18
"They say to you, 'In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires.'"

Typically, Hindus do not scoff at the idea of there being end times so much as they don’t understand it. To them, all of history is cyclical, and there is really no beginning or end. But just as every boat journey by the Manjhis/Kewats leads to a specific destination, there will be a specific end to time.

Pray that the Manjhis will understand and embrace God’s ways.

Manjhi/Kewat (boatmen)

“Every year we face these floods,” Prakash says. “Monsoon season starts in late July. Mother Ganga [Ganges River] floods. That is both good and bad. Last year millions fled their homes. People drowned, and more died fighting over food. “Mother Ganga is our life. She is holy. We go to her for healing and for spiritual life. But when she gets angry she kills. The government built a huge dam that controls her a little. But how can you control a god?”

Prakash is part of the Manjhi/Kewat tribe. Traditionally, they have been boatmen. In Bihar state their boats ply the Ganges River. Priests and pilgrims shuffle down her banks to bathe in her waters. They take bottles of her water home to use in Hindu ceremonies. But Prakash and his fellow Manjhis seek to harvest her waters for fish.

“Heading north from Patna, Bihar, we cross the Mahatma Gandhi Setu, the longest bridge in Asia at eight kilometers. My companion trains believers in Bihar. These men and women will plant new churches among the Manjhi/Kewat tribe and others. They will span the gulf between worshiping Mother Ganga and worshiping the Lord God.

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Pray that during this monsoon season God will demonstrate His sovereignty over the Ganges River. Pray for the boatmen along the Ganges River. Pray that the Scripture and other resources will come to them in their language.-EF

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