Daily Topic for July 29, 2009

II Peter 2:21
"It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them."

Given the history of the Church in Mongolia, this is a very disturbing verse. The Church has been there in the past, only to be snuffed out, with no remnant left. Could it happen again? We hope not! Satan cannot stop the work of God, but he can slow it down.

Pray that the Church in Mongolia will stand through any ordeal that may come their way.

Muslim Yunnan Mongols of China

The teen-aged boy hurried out of the village toward the path his older brother had traveled earlier in the day. His brother would soon be returning with firewood. This unique custom of Mongols living in Southern Yunnan Province is called “meeting the firewood cutter.” When it is about time for someone to return home after cutting firewood for a whole day, a member of the family will go ahead to meet the person halfway and help carry the wood home. These Yunnan Mongols show hospitality to family members and strangers alike; however, they are fiercely closed to outside influences and intermarriages with other peoples.

The Yunnan Mongols, like their Sichuan Mongol cousins, were left isolated from their homeland over 700 years ago. Unable to return home after invading and conquering this region of China, they remained, but loyally maintained their Mongolian traditions. So eager to be true Mongolians, the village elders sent a delegation to Inner Mongolia (in China) in the 1980s to study their customs. They returned to Yunnan and immediately adopted customs similar to the Mongols in the north. These Mongol families are Muslim and are stubbornly resistant to other ideas. However, other ethnic minorities in Yunnan have been evangelized, and they can go as Christ’s ambassadors.

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Pray that some from these groups will successfully share Christ. Pray that just as they “meet the firewood cutter,” they will meet and welcome the ones who come to tell them the good news.-JS

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