Daily Topic for July 28, 2009

II Peter 1:3
"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness."

What was that? His divine power has given us everything, not just some things that we need for godliness? We don’t need self-help books, etc? God has called us by His goodness, so why not put our faith in that alone?

Pray that believers in Mongolia and China will put their complete faith in His divine power and goodness.

Buddhist Sichuan Mongols of China

La Ping Chu walked down the street, but not as confidently as his grandparents did in the years prior to Communist rule. Still, the other Mongolians recognized him after his years spent in a Communist re-education camp, and they bowed their heads in respect. La Ping Chu is a Sichuan Mongol of royal descent living in Southeastern Sichuan Province. Although these Mongols look like all other Mongols, they are a distinct ethnic minority with a language very different from other Mongols. The Sichuan prince could only pick out a few words of a Mongolian cassette recording played for him.

For over 700 years these remnants of Kublai Khan’s invading armies have lived in this remote area. Heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, they observe Buddhist festivals hoping that one day their kingdom will be restored to them. Very few Sichuan Mongols have ever heard the name of Jesus, but one has: Prince La Ping Chu. Years ago foreign visitors witnessed to him, and they offered a prayer for his healing. The prince could not stand straight up because of a stomach ulcer. He was completely healed in the Name of Jesus! He has served the King of Kings ever since.

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Pray that Sichuan Mongol leaders will put their faith in Christ, and that their testimonies will lead the rest of the Mongolians to their rightful kingdom; the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.-JS

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