Daily Topic for July 24, 2009

I Peter 2:12
"Live such good lives among the pagans that though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us."

Roman pagans accused 1st Century believers of being atheists; Twenty-first Century believers in Mongolia are accused of not being atheists. What irony! No matter what era we live in, non-believers will misunderstand what the Holy Spirit is doing through Christ’s followers. But there is one thing that they will understand: good works based on love.

Pray that the good deeds of Mongolian believers will result in God’s glory both in China and Mongolia.

Han Chinese in Mongolia

Can you name the largest ethnic group in the world? It is the Han Chinese. China is the most populous nation in the world and there are l.3 billion Hans. However, not all of them reside in China. They are spread out into most of the world, including neighboring Mongolia.

The Hans are a minority group in Mongolia representing just two percent of the population, and they are generally looked down upon by the Mongolians. Some Mongolians considered them a form of pollution and resent their presence. With unemployment on the rise, the Hans are increasingly accused of stealing jobs. Children sometimes tease and even assault Han classmates, labeling them “spies.”

The Hans are spiritual outcasts of a sort as well. They do not fall neatly into the category of Buddhists, Confucianists, or Taoist, choosing instead to mix and match these traditions. The result is a hodgepodge religion that involves many superstitions, a fear of ghosts, ancestor worship, and a life-long pursuit of good luck.

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Pray that these social and spiritual castaways will be welcomed into Mongolian churches. Ask God to send workers to the Han Chinese to extend His invitation to become members of the Body of Christ. Pray for their fears and desperate strivings for good luck to be replaced by an assurance of God’s sovereignty and the unearned, unmerited grace of Jesus Christ.-CL

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