Daily Topic for July 21, 2009

James 2:13
"... because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment."

There are many human reasons to judge. But here, God gives us a good spiritual reason to let judgment take the back seat to mercy. Those who are merciful, like the 1st Century believers, can look forward to God’s mercy when they come before Him on the Final Day.

Pray that mercy will triumph over judgment in Mongolia’s Church today.

Enger (Eastern) Yuger People

Enger (or Eastern) Yugers were originally from Mongolia, but when warriors attacked from the north, they retreated south to China’s western Gansu Province. There they fell under the rule of the Tibetans, and soon the Tibetans converted them to Buddhism. Although they maintained their Mongolic Yuger language, they adopted some Tibetan traditions, such as “bird burial.” Bodies of the dead are cut up into pieces and taken to a lofty spot where birds of prey and other animals devour the flesh, leaving only bare bones.

Like many Mongolian peoples, animal husbandry is their primary occupation. They are hospitable people, and having a guest in their home is considered an honor. They serve milk tea, followed by wine and a meal of boiled mutton and vegetables.

Archaeologists have unearthed many Christian crosses in this area, so they believe that once many believers lived here. In the late 13th century, Marco Polo reported as he passed through the area, “It is true there are some who hold to the religion of the Nestorian Christians.” Today about 6,000 Enger Yugers exist, and there are only about 50 believers among them. Although they have a relatively high literacy rate (59 percent), there are no Scriptures in their language. There is no Christian broadcasting, and no JESUS Film yet. Over 90 percent have never heard the gospel.

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Ask the Lord to send missionaries to settle among the Enger Yugers. Pray for a New Testament translation in their language.-JWS

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